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The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

inside the Silverstone pits...

The opening round at Silverstone saw the entire Special Saloons grid sharing 3 of the large pits in a rather communal and group spirited way. Often the teams are outside in the venues Paddocks so this made for a more relaxed and comfortable environment for all concearned. The drivers ,as usual, were approachable and indeed appreciative of my recent publicity ive been able to help with. Compared to the hustle of say the British Touring Cars or British GT where a pit lane walkabout maybe the only chance to meet a driver or see a car close up the Special Saloons offer a refreshing return to good old fashioned British Club racing. No corporate Hospitality luxury Gazebos here. These fascinating and mostly unique cars do need more public support at race meetings however and for the down to earth ticket prices to get to see them they are surely one of the best value for money race series in the UK at the present time. Photos posted via my Flickr photostream...