The CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports series

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Donington preview


SATURDAY ( 26th ) :

Qualifying @14-10pm

( 30 mins session shared with Slicks Series )


SUNDAY ( 27th ) :

Race 1 @9-55am

( 15 minute race, includes Bernie`s V8s )


Race 2 @12-50pm

( 15 minute race, includes Bernie`s V8s )


Donny 2015

2012 - Race 1 + 2 : PETE STEVENS ( Vauxhall Carlton )

2013 - Race 1 + 2 : SIMON ALLAWAY ( Lotus Esprit )

2014 - Race 1 + 2 : MARK TICEHURST ( Porsche 935 )

2015 - Race 1 + 2 : MATT MOORE ( RSR Ford Escort )

2016 - Race 1 : THOMAS CAREY ( Honda CRX ) after IAN HALL was excluded from results

2016 - Race 2 : CHRIS SOUTHCOTT ( Midget )

2017 - Race 1 + 2 : CHRIS SOUTHCOTT ( Midget )

2018 - no race

2019 - no race

Lap Record : Simon Allaway 1min 11.994 ( 2013 )


CSCC Special Saloons + Modsports previous Donington Park winners :




The CSCC have a bumper entry of 525 drivers for this weekends visit to Donington Park, a record for the club and possibly the most for any club event in recent history.

The 23 entries for the 2 special saloon races have been boosted by 13 accepted invites from the Bernies V8s series who had also joined in the fun with the 'Specials' at Thruxton recently.

The 36 combined cars have caused a real headache for the qualifying procedure. With so many CSCC cars on the saturday to qualify the 'Specials' had their session to be combined with the new 'Slicks' series but the unexpectedly high entry for both series has pushed the combined numbers higher than can accomodated on track at once.To their credit the club have treated all entrants to the race equally, whether CSCC regulars or Bernies cars on a first come first served basis leading to a few regulars being only on the reserves list. One such is series record race winner Andy Southcott as first reserve. Sadly circumstances make it that the reserves can only race if they have actually qualified and thus get in if another car is withdrawn before the session.

A Further complication is that 2 drivers ( John Cockerton and Joss Ronchetti ) who have entered different cars in both series have to qualify twice during the 30-minute session.  

So thats the situation ahead of a very promising weekend of racing for the CSCC.  





revised DONINGTON ENTRY LIST : ( as of 25th on CSCC site )

Competitor(s) Class A

16 - Craig Percy - Morris Minor

23 - James Plant - Austin Healey 106

51 - Wayne Crabtree -  Ford RS200 (T)

100 - John Cockerton -  Porsche 935 (T)

111 - Clive Anderson - BMW E30 (T)

88 - Mike + Chris Scott - Vauxhall Cavalier  (T) 2000

181 - Paul Connell - Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (T)

309 - Ricky Parker-Morris - Peugeot 309 GTi (T)

Class B :

61 - Joe Ward - Vauxhall Baby Bertha

113 - Joss Ronchetti - Talbot Sunbeam

561 - Chris Pearson - Ford Mustang

121 - John Griffiths + Olly Sanders -  MG B GT V8


65 - Steve Fray - Ford Mondeo Spaceframe

89 - Jim Seward - Triumph TR7 V8 5.2


26 - Bill Richards - Austin Mini Countryman Estate - Ford 2.0


66 - Neil Duke - Ford Anglia 105E

81 - Andy Edwards - Ford Escort

82 - Tim Cairns - MG Hexagon Midget

132 - Brian Davage - Rover Cooper



22 - Marcus Bicknell - Ford Mustang ASCAR Mk3 6200cc

39 - Cheng Lim - RAM Cobra 6600cc

161 - Mark Callahan / Sam Callahan - Taydec Mk3

156 - Peter Kennerley - Marcos GT 3000

157 - Jonnie Wheeler / Ben Tovey - MG B GT V8

74 - Martin Glennie - TVR Chimaera

97 - Andrew Knight - Ascar Pontiac Grand Prix

54 - Christopher Ridge - TVR Tuscan

56 - Matt Holben - TVR Tuscan

46 - Stuart Entwistle - Chevrolet Monte Carlo

52 - Steven Ough - Crossle 9S

plus Reserves :

175 - Andy Southcott - MG Midget Spaceframe

166 - Rob Fenn - Ford Mustang Notchback

57 - Tony Paxman - Ford Escort Mk1

48 - Matt Snowball - Plymouth 'Cuda

27 - Martin Reynolds - Ford Escort

155 - Andy Wilson - Daf 55 5.0



With tickets only £12 for each action packed day offering great value this is not to be missed. Tickets though must be purchased in advance due to restricted numbers and the paddock and pits are not open to the public. Car parking is at the rear of Redgate on the 'tarmac lake' and entry through the new Hollywood entrance.

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ones to watch ...

the 'black bullet'

The 'Black Bullet' Sunbeam Talbot Lotus of Joss Ronchetti makes a welcome and poignant return to Donington after an 8 year break. It was in the 2012 Donington race that whilst dicing for the lead in a 3-car battle that the Black Bullet was hit by the more famous 'BB' ( Baby Bertha ) Vauxhall Firenza which had brake failure resulting in damage for both cars. Ronchetti put the damaged Sunbeam on the back burner and it only made its track return this summer in a race at Cadwell Park.

A very rapid combination back then and likley to be this weekend in putting that accident behind him as Joss makes a very welcome return to the CSCC fold. He also is racing a Mustang in the Slicks series.

joe ward baby bertha 2

Baby Bertha

Its always a priviledge to have the most famous Supersaloon of them all back again at a CSCC round in the distinctive shape of the ex-Gerry Marshall Vauxhall Firenza.

Custodian Joe Ward enjoyed two 4th place finishes at the last round at Snetterton and even led a race at Brands Hatch last year showing the 45-year old car still is an effective track weapon and always a fans favourite.


Mini Richards2019-2

Bill Richards and 'Bessie'

Engine builder/racer Bill Richards is a legend in the Mini world and makes an overdue return to the series having been involved in that first revival event at Mallory back in 2011.

'Bessie' a Maguire chassis has lost its Metro body since then and now wears a Mini Countryman body. It`s also had an engine change too as it now runs a 220 bhp Ford Duratec 2-litre unit and becomes the first car in the series to run with a post-1992 engine under the new relaxed regulations.



DSC_8924 - Copy - Copy

Ford RS200

The most exciting new car to the series in 2020 must be the Ford RS200 driven by Wayne Crabtree that made its debut at Snetterton.

A high quality new build project assembled by Ray Addis using lots of aero on that classic '80s body style. Plenty of power too, some 570 bhp from the twin turbo Subaru 2.2 engine. Showed its pace on its debut and a potential race winner on sunday.